Our men and women are our most precious resources. Our career opportunities are as diversified as our metals and activities. Join Managem and discover fascinating, empowering and diversified jobs, in Morocco and abroad.

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Why choose the mining sector?

Metals are essential to vast sectors of the economy and are present in our daily lives. They are essential to meeting the growing needs of our society.

The mining sector has a bright future and supplies virtually all industries, such as automotive, steelmaking, construction, renewable energies, agriculture and so on. The mining sector is efficient, engaged, innovative and open. It creates value, wealth and jobs.

These jobs are highly diverse and exist in numerous countries: drilling, exploration, extraction, transformation and marketing of metals, along with all the support functions which are essential for the day-to-day operation and development of a mine.


Why join Managem?

To join us is to choose an ambitious mining player well established in Africa, with high-quality mining assets, robust finances and total integration.

To join us is to gain access to a variety of exciting careers. Our career opportunities are as diverse as our metals and our activities. We thus hire staff in more than 30 sectors covering the entire value chain: Exploration, Engineering, Maintenance, Research & Development, Production, Quality, Finance, etc.

To join us is to opt for a multicultural company with an international focus. We are recognized for our professionalism, our expertise and are driven by our values of integrity, caring, engagement and audacity. We can therefore offer you an ideal framework in which to learn, grow and blossom.

To join us is to enter a framework that encourages innovation, responsibility, self-fulfilment and the development of others. We have set up a number of career management tools. In addition to a motivating and fair remuneration system, there are the annual evaluation interviews and the functional and geographical internal mobility policy, which open up numerous career development and personal development opportunities.

To join us is to obtain guaranteed qualifying training that is both high-quality and tailored to the individual, at each key step in your career, regardless of your level of qualification and your position. Managem Academy is a specifically created in-house structure for providing this training and enhancing our catalogue. We work with numerous consultants, professional experts and academic networks, both in Morocco and abroad.

To join us is to advance in a structure which offers motivating social advantages and which make a very real difference: beneficial remuneration policy, bonuses, compensations…but also access to a pension and supplementary sickness insurance, help with accommodation, leisure centres and holiday camps… everything is done to create a calm and appropriate professional environment for all our employees.


Our HR policy

The Women and Men of the mining sector are its very essence. Through their engagement, their professionalism and their know-how, they guarantee our operational excellence on a daily basis, as well as the safety of our installations and the sustainability of our activities.

To attract and keep talent, we implement an HR policy to:

  • Reveal potential by attracting and developing talent and training the leaders of tomorrow. Encourage collective strength by reinforcing our corporate culture, sharing our best practices
  • Encourage collective strength by reinforcing our corporate culture, sharing our best practices and fostering exchanges between employees, between professions and between countries.
  • Stimulating creativity by releasing potential and accepting mistakes, without which innovation and entrepreneurship are impossible.