Managem produces a fluorite concentrate with a high CaF2 content (98%) from its El Hammam mine south of Meknes in Morocco.We are among the world’s largest producers of high-quality fluorite.
In 2016, our R&D efforts led to the development of a new product intended for the cement works market in Morocco, known as metallurgical Fluorite, which helps to lower the melting point of the metals. It reduces heat consumption and enables good reactivity of the clinker (a component of the cement) to be maintained in the furnaces

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Chemistry, metallurgy, ceramics and glassmaking

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride (CaF2), and, depending on its composition, is blue, yellow, purple, pink or green. It is appreciated for its fluorescence, triboluminescence and thermoluminescence properties.

Owing to strong demand, fluorite is considered to be a high criticality product. Depending on its CaF2 content, fluorite is used in chemistry (fluorinated coolant fluids and plastics processing) or in metallurgy, owing to its ability to lower the temperature.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Fluorite is used to make glass, glass fibres and ceramic enamel.

Fluorite is present in microscopes, telescopes and spectrographs.

Metallurgical Fluorite increases the strength of cement and stops it from cracking.