Preserving water resources and protecting biodiversity are major pillars of our environmental strategy.

We have put in place multiple actions to manage water resources in an inclusive and sustainable way. We are committed to bring solutions and concrete measures wherever our activities impact biodiversity.


Protecting water resources

Water is essential to the satisfactory working of mining activities. It is a strategic resource owing to the location of our sites and the diversity of the ecosystems.

AOn a daily basis, we take action to guarantee the future of water resources for our activities, for our neighbour communities and for our environment as a whole.

We use several techniques and processes for sustainably and inclusively managing the water resource. We recycle the dyke water and the waste water and use pump transfer stations. On our mining and industrial sites, we spray our plants responsibly and use drip irrigation.

The question of optimum management of water is integrated into the lifecycle of the mine as a whole.


Protecting biodiversity

Through concrete measures, we are committed to providing solutions wherever we interact with biodiversity. We carry out fauna and flora studies to identify local flora species used in the reforestation and rehabilitation of the site, as well as potential preservation measures tailored to each natural environment.


Management of biodiversity for Bakoudou mine

From 2012 to 2017 Managem operated Bakoudou gold mine in Gabon. During the lifetime of the mine, a number of steps were taken to protect biodiversity: limitation of deforestation zones for the various access routes and the facilities; hunting ban within the mine operating permit area and collaboration with the authorities concerned to combat poaching.

Following the depletion of the reserves in the Bakoudou deposit, a responsible closure plan for the mine was launched in 2017 and supported by land rehabilitation measures. In accordance with our sustainable development commitments, redevelopment and replanting works began in 2018.

We take care to respect all environmental and societal aspects and promote local employment for this sustainable and responsible project. To do this, our reforestation work is entrusted to local cooperatives. Our reforestation campaigns respect the germination periods of each species to be planted. Our teams are accompanied by botanical and landscaping experts to guarantee optimum results.