We are active in several areas to improve life at school and encourage academic success, from early childhood through to secondary and higher education. We support students so that they benefit from equal opportunities in rural and urban areas.

Construction of a School for Nomads in Tinghir province, Morocco

Several thousand nomadic families still live in Morocco. These families, whose livelihood depends primarily on livestock, move frequently in search of water and grazing for their animals. 

According to the High Commission for the Plan, nearly 70% of the children of these nomadic families do not attend school. Those who do, go mainly to the Class Tents, which are erected in the middle of the desert. Access difficulties and the severe climatic conditions in both summer and winter are both factors in high levels of school drop-out.

To combat this and promote equal opportunities, we have built a school in the Tinghir region in Morocco, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education. This school, which comprises multi-level classes and accommodation for the teacher, is intended to take children from nomadic families by offering them favourable school attendance conditions.