Since 1988, the Managem Group's zinc and lead production has come from the polymetallic mines of subsidiary CMG (Compagnie Minière de Guemassa), as well as the Draa Sfar and Koudiat Aicha polymetallic mines in the Marrakech region.

  • 6%
    Share of consolidated sales
  • 47 666
    Tons Concentrate
    Zinc concentrate production
  • 10 174
    Tons Concentrate
    Lead concentrate production

Zinc, an abundant mineral with multiple applications

Bluish-gray in color, zinc is a relatively abundant mineral in the earth's crust. It is renowned for its high resistance to corrosion. It is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. Zinc is mainly used for galvanizing steel for the construction, automotive and household appliance industries.


Lead, a zinc by-product

A by-product of zinc, lead is a dense product. It oxidizes rapidly in air.

Zinc is durable and infinitely recyclable. It is malleable, impermeable, corrosion-resistant and has electrochemical properties. It is used in batteries, cables, chemicals, pigments and alloys.

Did you know ?


Zinc is known for its resistance to corrosion. It is used in the wood industry to prevent insect attack.

Lead is waterproof. It is used to coat high-voltage submarine cables. It is also an excellent sound insulator. Zinc is also used for low-frequency soundproofing.