We are committed to transforming our mining waste into a resource, to creating value and to ensuring sustainable activity throughout the lifecycle of a mine.




In the Guemassa mine, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

The Guemassa mine was initially set up to extract and process Cobalt, Zinc, Lead and Copper for the metallurgical industries, but now produces two other materials of value: sulphuric acid and iron oxide. These two products are created by reclaiming sulphur and iron based mining waste thanks to the development of an innovative process: the pyrrhotine roasting unit.

This waste reclamation project reduces the environmental impact of the mine and helps create social and economic value, with the creation of more than 100 direct jobs.

It also helps produce clean energy and bring down our energy consumption: the energy produced by the pyrrhotine roasting unit meets 20% of the energy needs of the Guemassa site.

This project contributes to reducing our CO2 emissions by reducing sulphuric acid shipments between the supplier and our operating sites, as it is now produced in-situ.


Recycling of mining waste

Several projects to recycle the spoil heaps are being carried out in the mines.

The mining waste is recycled and used for cemented backfill. We have set up a waste crushing station, to prepare recycled sand and gravel. They are then used for backfill and reclamation work on mining excavations.