A pillar of our societal strategy, entrepreneurship is a sustainable solution for meeting socio-economic challenges.
We take part in training local communities and providing them with the right practical skills to cope with the challenges of the economic market.
We support a number of associations and cooperatives around our activities, to improve their skills and help them become more independent and competitive.
We also conduct initiation programs to Entrepreneurship in primary schools and high schools in mining areas where Managem is present.


Carpet weaving cooperative

Not far from Bou-Azzer mine, the Taznakht region enjoys a well-earned reputation for the quality of its Berber carpets. Owing to their delicacy, their colours and the number of knots in their manufacture, the Taznakht carpets, which are often woven by women, are unique in the world and can involve months of work.
With the aim of promoting local arts and crafts and encouraging women in rural societies to take up revenue-generating activities, we support 14 women’s carpet-weaving cooperatives around the Bou-Azzer mine. We help the women weavers with marketing their carpets, through training, technical assistance or even looking after everything to help them attend fairs and exhibitions.
In 2018, more than 200 women benefited from this support.


Green Chip project

In 2010, we initiated the Green Chip project in partnership with the Al Jisr association and with the support of the Ministry for National Education, the Ministry for Employment and Professional Training and the Swiss DROSOS Foundation.
The aim is to promote professional and social integration of underprivileged young people into the green economy sector.
This project consists in creating a training centre for apprentices, comprising an IT equipment recycling workshop and an electronic waste dismantling and sorting workshop, to train young people not receiving any schooling, by offering them a practical apprenticeship and giving a second life to the equipment collected by recycling its components.
Since Green Chip was launched, the project teams have:

  • Since Green Chip was launched, the project teams have:
  • produced more than 1 tonne of copper ingots
  • Given 48 young people professional training in 2018

Partnership with Injaz Al Maghrib

Managem and Injaz Al Maghrib signed a partnership to deploy training programs centred around entrepreneurship in mining areas where Managem operates.

This partnership is built on 3 programs :

  • Jamaati dfor primary schools students. The objective is to learn how does the local economy of municipality work and to learn the basis of entrepreneurship.
  • It’s my Business for secondary schools students. This program aims to introduce students to entrepreneurship through concrete examples of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Cooper’Up that accompanies associations and cooperatives and helps them learn elementary management tools to ensure the development and the durability of their activities.