The Group has drawn up a climate roadmap to implement concrete actions to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition to measuring the current situation, these actions focus on two main areas: the energy mix and energy efficiency.

  • 64%
    of our energy consumption in Morocco will come from renewable energy, by the end of 2022
  • +80%
    Renewable energy coverage of sites covered by NAREVA contracts




The energy efficiency of our facilities is reflected in the optimization of our consumption and the increasing use of green energies, wind and solar power.

In line with our renewable energy strategy, we have established a series of contracts with wind power subcontractors, notably by signing a partnership with Energie Eolienne du Maroc (EEM). Our SMI, CTT, CMG and AGM sites are supplied with electricity from wind farms.

We also encourage the adoption and widespread use of solar energy as a back-up power source. At our sites, we deploy solar panels to heat water for showers and to power lighting for housing and administrative premises at our mines.