Managem has developed hydro-metallurgy expertise based on a strategy designed to meet several objectives:

  • Create added value based on downstream integration
  • Diversify to access other international markets
  • Prolong the lifetime of some of our mining assets
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    Production units
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    Finished products
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Hydrometallurgy, high end process

Hydro-metallurgy, also referred to as the chemistry of metals, is a process for valorising metals which consists in dissolving the various metals contained in an ore or concentrate, in order to separate them for utilisation. The products obtained can be pure metals or metal derivatives.

This operation comprises three steps:

  • Leaching :the ore is processed with an appropriate acid so that all or some of the metals contained are dissolved.
  • Purification : the metals are separated by means of chemical processes.
  • Electrolysis : the metal being sought is recovered in metallic form.

A unique hydro-metallurgy complex

The first pilot metallurgy plant was set up in 1996 in our Guemassa industrial and mining complex in Marrakech.

The Guemassa industrial complex uses hdyro-metallurgy to recover certain ores, via two sectors built around 8 operational units:

  • “Metal" sector: Cobalt, Nickel hydroxide, Copper sulphate and Arsenic cathodes
  • “Metal derivatives” sector: Zinc oxide, Cobalt Oxide, Gold and sulphuric acid.

Multiple certifications, standing for our standards

We ensure that the strictest safety, quality and environmental requirements are met.
Our Guemassa hydro-metallurgy complex is certified compliant with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. The Guemassa hydro-metallurgy complex also holds the CSR label from the CGEM (General Confederation of Moroccan Companies), in recognition of our CSR commitment, our managerial strategy and our day-to-day operations.