The operational and financial performance of a company only has value if accompanied by equivalent performance in occupational health and safety.

Because of our mining activities, health and safety are priority issues for Managem. Our goal: “zero serious accidents”.

To achieve this, we are deploying an action plan built around risk assessment and a systematic analysis of accidents to prevent them from happening again. We are also focusing on daily awareness-raising on the part of our field employees, in order to improve prevention.

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Daily and long-term action to guarantee safety

Safety is everyone’s business. This is why each employee contributes to it by committing to the Group’s safety policy and permanently adapting their behaviour and attitudes to comply with the demands of safety.

Awareness-raising remains essential in order to achieve and maintain a high level of safety. It begins as each shift clocks on and continues regularly with the hunt for anomalies in order to ensure compliance with standards, especially concerning the wearing of protective equipment and the prevention of risk situations.

In order to maintain and reinforce this requirement, our safety approach is the subject of an internal and external assessment on each of our sites.

Monitoring and prevention, occupational health

We rely on a complete occupational medicine system and a dedicated team of 13 physicians and 38 nurses present on our sites.

Thanks to this system, we can provide complete coverage:

  • Support our local teams during the first stages in the construction of our mines. We make sure to produce an inventory of the sanitary and technical installations and the means that will be available to our teams on the various sites. We also draw up agreements with the health facilities close to our mines, in order to ensure maximum access to medical resources if necessary.

  • Maintaining close and daily monitoring of our employees with the permanent presence of our medical teams on all our sites. In order to carry out their duties, they have the equipment needed to ensure correct working of the medical service, more particularly for audio and video scans. This gives us an improved response capability in the event of an accident, with optimum reactivity.

  • Remaining vigilant, with a permanent health watch in all the countries where we are established. Before each mission abroad, we handle all the necessary medical and preventive measures for our employees.


Managem adopte sa nouvelle charte Santé et Sécurité

Managem réaffirme son engagement pour bâtir une culture de la santé et de la sécurité au travail, à travers l’adoption d’une nouvelle Charte Santé & Sécurité, signée par l’ensemble des membres du Comité Exécutif ainsi que tous les Directeurs des Opérations. La nouvelle charte repose sur 6 engagements :

  • Croire fermement que tout accident peut être évité
  • Investir les outils, les ressources et les moyens nécessaires pour éviter les accidents
  • Créer une culture proactive de la sécurité
  • Evaluer les performances de chacun
  • Encourager la remontée de tous les incidents
  • Encourager tous nos partenaires à prendre des engagements similaires aux nôtres

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