Because our most precious resources are our men and women, who make a tangible contribution to the Group's future every day;

Because our operational performance is only as good as our exemplary Health & Safety performance;

Because the safety of our human capital is our priority;

Safety = Self-respect - Respect for others - Respect for rules: an essential triptych that implies adherence to a state of mind in which everyone's behavior has an impact on the safety of self, the safety of others and the safety of the surrounding environment.
In this way, everyone becomes an agent of visible change, and by adopting exemplary behavior, each individual lifts the collective.
More than a simple approach, it's a global culture that has been adopted and tested by all employees, in all professions and at all sites.


Our OHS policy aims at a strategy of Safety Excellence based on 3 pillars

  • Operational discipline
  • Risk anticipation
  • Interdependence and teamwork

Taking care of each other is one of our Managem values - it's part of who we are and how we work, all over the world.

Monitoring and prevention, occupational health

We rely on a complete occupational medicine system and a dedicated team of 13 physicians and 38 nurses present on our sites.

Thanks to this system, we can provide complete coverage:

  • Support our local teams during the first stages in the construction of our mines. We make sure to produce an inventory of the sanitary and technical installations and the means that will be available to our teams on the various sites. We also draw up agreements with the health facilities close to our mines, in order to ensure maximum access to medical resources if necessary.

  • Maintaining close and daily monitoring of our employees with the permanent presence of our medical teams on all our sites. In order to carry out their duties, they have the equipment needed to ensure correct working of the medical service, more particularly for audio and video scans. This gives us an improved response capability in the event of an accident, with optimum reactivity.

  • Remaining vigilant, with a permanent health watch in all the countries where we are established. Before each mission abroad, we handle all the necessary medical and preventive measures for our employees.


Managem adopts its new Health and Safety Charter

Our safety approach is reflected in several programs of excellence focused on behavior and prevention to reduce workplace risks and empower staff to take responsibility for their own health and safety at work, through :

  • Deployment of a cultural change program based on leadership training and coaching;
  • Establishment of benchmarks and ongoing assessment of compliance levels at sites and activities;
  • Establishment of an integrated governance and organization, ensuring the involvement of all hierarchical levels in the OHS agenda, and allocating the adequate resources necessary for effective risk management;
  • Alignment and commitment of our subcontractors to adopt and comply with our safety standards and guidelines;

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