Our goal is to meet the growing needs of industrial and technological players and the strategic raw material needs of global economy.

Our aim is to become a diversified regional leader through sustainable and responsible growth.

We will achieve this by intensifying our growth in Africa and reinforcing our investments in high-potential projects across the continent.

We are acting today to consolidate the present, prepare for tomorrow and preserve the future: of our company, our customers, our shareholders, our neighbour communities and future generations.

conforter le présent

Consolidating the present

Means aiming for operational excellence by optimising individual practices and continuously improving ore extraction and treatment processes. It means generating organic growth around our operations and reinforcing our reserves through Brownfield exploration.

Preparing for tomorrow

Means innovating and anticipating new markets through sustained R&D. It means broadening and modernising our mining and industrial assets, while building on our expertise. It means investing in high value-added deposits and projects and forging new partnerships. These projects will create the jobs and activities of tomorrow.

Preserving the future

Preserving the future

Means maintaining a high level of CSR throughout all steps in our activities. From exploration to reconversion of the mine. Our future is linked to our ability to anticipate at all levels: economic, industrial, technological, regulatory and environmental.