Managem today has several copper-bearing assets on the African continent, mines under production, assets undergoing exploration and large-scale projects under development such as Pumpi in DRC and Tizert in Morocco. 


* Figures at December 31th 2023
  • 18 %
    Share in consolidated revenues ( Without Lamikal)
  • 107 081
    Tons Concentrate
    Production ( Without Lamikal)

A metal of the future

Copper is a metal of the future, it is present in numerous sectors such as energy, housing, electronics, transport and health. It is much coveted by renewable energy players and is used in the manufacture of electrical batteries and photovoltaic panels.

In combination with nickel, tin, or bronze, copper is used in many alloys. It is appreciated for its hygienic properties, its electrical and thermal conductivity, its ductility and its strength. It is particularly sustainable, because totally recyclable. 

Did you know ?

 Did you know ?

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. A mid-size car contains up to 22.5kg of Copper.

It is used in the car’s electrical and electronic systems: engine, gearbox, braking circuit, sensors, batteries and so on. 

In the Building sector, copper is used as a watertight and corrosion-resistant roofing material