Managem is an integrated Group and draws on the expertise of its Techsub subsidiary, a historic player in drilling operations and mining works. For more than 65 years, we have been carrying out drilling and support work as well as underground and open cast mining. Our subsidiary has offices in several countries in Africa, notably in Morocco, Sudan, Guinea, DRC and Gabon and is a leader in project management and specialised works relating to exploration and mining, as well as public works.

  • Number 1
    Drilling company in Morocco
  • 400.000 m
    Capacity for core drilling
  • 65
    Years of experience
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With a fleet of more than 40 machines, the strictest safety standards in the sector and international manpower with expertise in complex geological formations, we carry out all types of drilling for geological and geotechnical surveys:

  • Core drilling of various diameters and depths

  • Simple or reverse circulation destructive drilling

Raise Boring

With a fleet of 5 Raise Boring machines, we possess a highly efficient tool allowing us to make 5,000 metres of shafts of various diameters and various depths and dips every year. We also use the Rotary Vertical Drilling System (RVDS) technique to guarantee the verticality and orientation of the shafts and the production of vertical shafts with extreme precision.

In 2018, we acquired a new Raise Boring machine on a par with the best in the world, with a drilling depth of 1200 m and a diameter of up to 7m.

Excavation technique for vertical and angled works, the Raise Borer is a machine for mechanising work to excavate ventilation shafts, waste chutes for mining products, extraction shafts, etc.

This technique has a number of advantages:

  • Safer

  • Eliminates the most arduous tasks

  • Optimised costs

  • Shorter completion times

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Underground works

Via Techsub, we design and carry out excavation work on shafts, drifts, tunnels and chutes up to 1200 m in depth. We can thus ensure the use of reliable technologies, suited to all types of terrain encountered, from unalterated rock to overburden.

Working for many sectors

Techsub works for many external customers in different sectors :

  • Mining
  • Sanitation
  • Building and public works
  • Hydraulic infrastructure
  • Others

To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, we make sure that we provide a personalised service, use the very latest equipment and continuously train our teams in the new techniques, in complete safety and with strict respect for the environment.

To maintain this level of satisfaction, protect the environment and preserve the health and safety of our employees, we are pursuing a process of continuous progress and improvement, as witnessed by a range of certifications:

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • OHSAS 18001

  • ISO 26000