Participating in the welfare of neighbour communities is a priority. This is an on-going participative process that we endeavour to build with the stakeholders in the areas in which we work. We contribute in terms of infrastructure, closer access to water, sanitation actions and cultural and social initiatives through the sponsoring of targeted activities.


Improving the drinking water access network in the Imiter region

Aware of the importance of access to high-quality drinking water for our neighbour communities, we have undertaken a number of measures to improve the drinking water supply network and reduce shortages, notably in the summer. 

In this perspective, Managem realized the rehabilitation of 1600m of Khettara* and allowed the connection to the drinking water of more than 460 households in 3 villages around Imiter, We installed solar panels to power the water pumping system.

*Typical irrigation technique in the Moroccan desert. It comprises a series of wells providing underground water access in arid

Ophthalmology caravan in the Mahaliyat Abu Hamad region of Sudan

In order to bring health services within reach of local communities, we have organised an ophthalmological caravan in 22 schools in Sudan, benefiting some 6,000 students.  

Through this caravan, we have: Organized awareness-raising sessions on the importance of eye health and Carried out consultations and provided treatments for the diseases diagnosed. Distributed 500 pairs of glasses.


Rehabilitation of the Imiter Kasbah

The project to rehabilitate the Kasbah in Imiter was implemented in partnership with the Tinghir municipality and the National Human Development Initiative (INDH). The goal is to protect the local cultural and architectural heritage and to create an arts and crafts training centre.

The rehabilitation of this Kasbah restored the original character of the building and converted it into a permanent exhibition centre for the region’s arts and crafts, more particularly silver jewels and accessories. The new occupants of the Kasbah received training in silver working as well as coaching sessions to encourage them and introduce them to sales techniques to improve how they market their products.