• 2023-04-17

    Managem Group and ABA Technology sign a joint-venture dedicated to the acceleration of the digital transformation of the group.

    Managem Group, a leading pan-African mining company, and ABA Technology, a co-constructor of major disruptive transformations, have announced a strategic joint venture.

    The Managem - ABA Technology joint venture, named "Mana Technology", will be the vehicle for the success of Managem's digital transformation.

    Based on its strategic pillars and its digital roadmap, this partnership will accelerate Managem's digital transformation, boost digital acculturation and help it achieve its ambition of a more connected, efficient and resilient mine of the future with a low carbon footprint.

    This dynamic reflects the Group's ambition to position itself as a digital leader in the mining industry.

  • 2022-11-15

    The Managem Group's "Managem Graduate Program" (MGP) meeting was held from November 9 to 11 at Managem Academy.

    The Managem Group's "Managem Graduate Program" (MGP) meeting was held from November 9 to 11 at Managem Academy.

    This is an event bringing together the graduates of the Managem Graduate Program's classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 around a training program focused on the development of their soft skills as well as activities enhancing collective intelligence and team dynamics.

    This meeting was marked by the creation of the MGP club, where the strength of the collective meets the transformation of the Group, a club whose primary purpose is to actively participate in the life of the company members while offering opportunities for individual development and self-transformation.

     See you next year, with the class of 2023!

     To apply for the Managem Group's Graduate Program, send your application to the following e-mail address: recrutement@managemgroup.comand join a multicultural, open-minded organization focused on the development of its human capital.

     The MGP is a program dedicated to the professional integration of young graduates.


  • 2022-11-11

    COP 27: MANAGEM's new continental commitment to the fight against climate change.

    MANAGEM Group in its African dimension, marks once again its support to initiatives aiming to build the climate resilience of the continent and to participate effectively in its sustainable growth, by adhering to the "Africa Business Leaders' Climate Statement", announced on November 9, 2022, during the COP27.

    The "Africa Business Leaders' Climate Statement" represents a new step took by the African private economic actors, at the heart of the continent's social and economic transformation, in their commitment to fight  climate change.

    The statement, taking origin from the 2021-2023 strategy of the United Nations Global Compact for Africa, is an outcome of the African Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC), an initiative led by African CEOs.

    The announcement made during the 2022 Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference, COP27, reflects the commitment of more than 50 African business leaders to bring the African perspective to the global climate change emergency.

    To learn more, please visit the following link : 


  • 2022-11-04

    Managem launches through its club Women Rise Up the "Women In Mining Awards

    On the occasion of the International Day of Women in Mining, created by the global organization "International Women in Mining" (IWiM), and celebrated on June 15 each year, Managem Group has launched a new initiative called "Women in Mining Awards".

    Committed to promoting diversity within the group and encouraging the feminization of the mining industry, Managem group, through its Women Rise up Club, wished to anchor this will through the organization of an event dedicated to the valorization of the achievements and the success of women in the various professions of the group and its subsidiaries on a national and international level.

    A day full of emotions, celebrated on November 03, 2022 at Managem Academy, with the presentation of awards to exceptional women who demonstrate to young women and future generations what this industry is capable of offering in terms of evolution, development, career and exceptional professional paths.

  • 2022-09-26

    Managem Group - Organization of a "Strategy" day at Managem Academy

    With the energy transition, the mining industry must meet the growing demand for mineral resources and critical metals. It is around this theme that Managem Group organized on September 26 at Managem Academy a «strategy» day in the presence of Imad TOUMI, directors, managers and executives of the group.

    This day, which brought together more than 200 employees, was an opportunity to review the group’s achievements, to capitalise on the experiences and to share with all present the ambitions and strategic orientations for 2025. Our goal is to be a reference miner in the responsible extraction and processing of mineral resources.

     A participatory day, focused on conviviality and exchange

    A first edition of these meetings, 

    Others are to come...