As a Moroccan limited company working in the mining sector since 1930, Managem is a subsidiary of Al Mada - Positive Impact, a private equity pan-African investment fund. Al Mada is active in various sectors: Financial services, telecommunications, building materials, distribution, mines, energy, real estate and tourism.
Managem has been listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 11 July 2000.

Managem is a Limited Company (SA) run by the CEO and the Board of Directors. Day-to-day management is by the Management Committee.


Board of Directors

The Managem Board of Directors consists of eight directors and is chaired by the CEO. Its role: to oversee the interests of the company, to define the strategic guidelines upstream and monitor their implementation.

Mr. Imad TOUMI : Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Bassim JAÏ HOKIMI : Director
Ms Noufissa KESSAR : Director
Mr. Hassan OURIAGLI : Director
M. Frédéric TONA : Director
M. Samir IDRISSI OUDGHIRI : Director
ONHYM : Represented by Amina Benkhadra
SIGER :Represented by​​​​​​​ Karim khettouch​​​​​​​
Al Mada : Represented by Hassan Ouriagli

Specialised advisory committees

The Board of Directors calls on the support of specialised advisory committees. At its request, they carry out work to inform its decisions and shape the Group's strategy.

The Risks and Accounts Committee, The Appointments and Remuneration Committee, The Strategic Committee

Executive Committee


Chief Executive Officer

Imad TOUMI is a graduate of the École Polytechnique (X 82), holds a PhD from Université Paris 6 and an MBA from the Hautes Études Commerciales school in Paris (MBA HEC 2000). He has more than 20 years’ experience in industrial project management, more specifically in the field of energy and mines, within major groups such as CEA (French renewable energies and atomic energy commission) and AREVA. He has  occupied a number of positions, including that of Managing Director of AREVA South Africa and then AREVA Niger.


Chief Operations Officer Morocco

Youssef EL HAJJAM is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Mines de Paris. He joined the Managem Group as an engineer in charge of processing at CTT. He later integrated the Hydrometallurgy and Engineering activities before taking over the management of the Draa Sfar project and then took on the management of the Samine operation. In 2005, he was appointed Technical Director of Mining Operations, then Director of Development, and Managing Director of the Precious Metals Division, after which he became Chief Executive Officer of International Activities and Development. In 2020, Youssef El Hajjam was appointed General Manager of Morocco Operations.

Naoual ZINE

General Manager Reminex - Engineering, R&D and Project Management

As Managing Director of Reminex, Naoual Zine oversees the development of Managem’s new projects, which include industrial and mining engineering activities, the management of projects under construction, the conduct of feasibility studies and the management of innovation and technical support programs for operations. Mrs. ZINE holds an engineering degree and has gained 24 years of experience in industrial project management , corporate finance and strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions and financing in an international environment with a focus on Africa. Mrs. Naoual launched her career in 1998 with an operational responsibility in the silver mine (SMI). She then held several positions including Director of General Control, DGA Finance and Strategy of Managem Group before being appointed in 2019 as Managing Director of Reminex, a Managem’s development subsidiary.

Mohamed Amine AFSAHI

Chief People Officer, ESG & Communication

Amine AFSAHI is a graduate of the École Spéciale des Travaux Publics in Paris and holds an MBA from the Ponts et Chaussées school. He started at Managem as head of methods and then of the water and environment sectors. After a period spent at Veolia Tétouan, he returned to the Group to head risk management and Corporate management control. He was in turn in charge of purchases, logistics, support activities and then major reclamation projects.


Chief Exploration Officer

Mr. MAACHA has been in exploration, project generation and development business for 33 years, both in Morocco and internationally. He holds a PhD in Geophysics and Metallogeny (2013), a Diploma of Advanced Studies from Cadi Ayyad University (1994), and a State Engineering Diploma (1989). He started his career as a mining and exploration geologist at the Hajjar polymetalic mine, the Bou-Azzer cobalt mine and the Bleida copper mine. Subsequently, he held the position of Exploration Officer, and later, General Manager of Exploration and Development within the Group. His field of expertise covers several types of mineralization and commodities, including precious metals, base metals and energy transition metals. He was also Director of Operations at Managem in 2002, which enabled him to develop skills in geology, economics and mining economics.


Chief Financial Officer

Mouna Mahfoud is a graduate of the Mohammedia engineering school (EMI). She joined Managem as a process engineer in 1997. After being assigned to the hydro metallurgical units of the Guemassa site to contribute to the development of the production of cobalt cathodes, she takes on several responsibilities, notably that of the cobalt, copper and zinc oxide plants. With significant operational field experience, she reoriented herself towards management control, and in 2008, taking on a new role as Director in charge of operational management control attached to General Management. Her scope has grown over the years and by 2008, has included management control of all of the operational activities of Managem Group in Morocco and internationally.
In 2020 she was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Managem.


Chief Supply Chain and Procurement Officer

Mr. NAIMI received his degree from the Mohammedia School of Engineering and the Ecole des Ponts Business School. He first joined Managem in 1997 as a maintenance engineer at the Bou Azzer mine (CTT). In 2001, he was expatriated to Guinea to take up the position of Maintenance and Support Activities Manager at the Kiniero mine. In 2003, he joined the Purchasing Department in Morocco as Procurement Manager for Investments, PDR & Specific Consumables & in charge of purchases for the international subsidiaries. Prior to this, Mr. NAIMI returned to operations in 2005 when he was appointed Operations Manager at the Akka mine and was promoted to Operations Manager at the same mine in 2007. In 2008, he assumed the Management of Techsub and the Head of International Operations as part of the General Management of Global Operations and Development in 2016. As of October 2019, Mr. NAIMI is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Procurement and Supply Chain.


Executive Director of International Operations

Mr. Driss MOUNJI holds a PhD and a Master's degree in Geology from Laval University in Canada, a DEA in Geology from Med V University in Rabat and a Bachelor's degree in Geology from Moulay Ismail University in Morocco. 

He started his career in 1999 as a geologist at SMI, then became a Geology Manager at Samine.

Mr. Driss MOUNJI then joined Managem's international activities in 2002 as Geology Manager of the Kiniero mine, then in 2004 he became Kiniero Operations Manager and Exploration Manager at Semafoguinée, Kossanken and SGV minerals in Guinea.

In 2006, he became International Operations Manager, General Manager of LAMIKAL (Pumpi Project) and then in 2008 he occupied the position of DRC Operations Manager. 

In 2009, he became BMBC's International Exploration Manager in charge of the DRC and then became Operations Manager in charge of the DRC, Guinea and new projects in 2016.

In 2023, Mr. Driss MOUNJI joined the Executive Committee of Managem and became Executive Director of International Operations in charge of the West African Region including Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Ivory Coast and DRC.