For more than 20 years, we have been exploring and working gold-bearing deposits on the African continent.
The Group is deploying its new 2021 growth strategy, built around reinforcing and developing gold-based activities in Africa.
Our aim is to produce 2.5 tonnes of gold by 2021.
To do this, we are developing gold-based projects with various time-frames in Sudan, Guinea, Gabon and DRC. In January 2019, the Group launched its first industrial gold production unit in Sudan, with the aim of producing 2 tonnes of Gold by 2021.
In recent years gold was produced by the Bakkoudou mine in Gabon, where the deposits have been exhausted since 2017, as well as by the pilot plant in the Wadi Gabgaba mine in Sudan since 2016.

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    millions Oz
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    millions Oz

From gold-plating to smartphones

Soft, remarkably malleable, ductile, resistant, oxidation proof, gold has numerous qualities. For centuries, gold has been a symbol of wealth and trade. It has often been used in the manufacture of currency, jewellery and for plating. It is omnipresent in electronic components such as microprocessors and is to be found in smartphones, computers and electronic circuits.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Gold is a chemically inert metal. It is used in the composition of numerous medical devices

Gold is a hypo-allergenic material that is easy to work. It is frequently used for dental care, for example for

crowns or fillings

Infinitely small quantities of Gold can be found in nearly all electronic components: mobile phone, computer, tablet,

navigation system,television, etc.