Managem Group has acquired proven expertise in the enhancement and development of gold deposits in Africa.

The development of the gold business received a strong boost from 2015, with a strategy that combines greenfield exploration and the acquisition of advanced exploration projects.

Today, Managem Group's gold business has several large-scale projects in regions with high mining potential in Africa, at varying levels of maturity, between projects in production and projects in exploration.

*Figures at December 31th 2023
  • 35,5 %
    Share of consolidated sales
  • 4 470
    Kg of gold


Soft, remarkably malleable, ductile, resistant, oxidation proof, gold has numerous qualities. For centuries, gold has been a symbol of wealth and trade. It has often been used in the manufacture of currency, jewellery and for plating. It is omnipresent in electronic components such as microprocessors and is to be found in smartphones, computers and electronic circuits.

Did you know ?


Gold is a chemically inert metal. It is used in the composition of numerous medical devices

Gold is a hypo-allergenic material that is easy to work. It is frequently used for dental care, for example for

crowns or fillings

Infinitely small quantities of Gold can be found in nearly all electronic components: mobile phone, computer, tablet,

navigation system,television, etc.