Because we carry out long-term mining and industrial activities, our social responsibility determines our performance today, our development in the future and the long-term acceptability of our activities.

We are committed to continuously improving our social and environmental approach and we remain attentive to our staff, our neighbour communities and the local ecosystems.

We make sure to include sustainable development matters in our daily conduct of business. Managem reaffirms its commitment and formalizes it through new CSR charter, built on 6 major principles.


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Responsible Care

Managem has renewed its commitment to the Responsible Care charter, an initiative by the global chemical industry to improve health, safety and environmental protection performance.


Information requests regarding the CSR’s approach of the Group can be sent to the following email address: 

The following email address is available for any complaints regarding the Group's operations. A dedicated committee is in charge of receiving and processing complaints and a response will be provided in four weeks:


Manalert :  (+212) 07 01 00 82 45