Managem is one of the world's top 5 producers of high-purity cobalt cathode.

The cobalt business began in 1930 with our subsidiary CTT, which produced cobalt concentrate from the Bou-Azzer mine, one of the world's only primary cobalt mines.

Our cobalt cathode is marketed under the CMBA brand, patented and internationally recognized for its quality.

A major player in the cobalt sector, Managem, through its subsidiary Manatrade, is a member of the Cobalt Committee of the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Cobalt Development Institute (CDI).


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* Figures at December 31th 2023
  • 7,9 %
    Share of consolidated sales
  • 1 506
    Tons Metal
    Production of cobalt cathodes
  • 5 000
    Tons Metal
    Production of Cobalt hydroxides



When it is not primary, cobalt is a by-product of copper and nickel. It can also be extracted from numerous other ores such as smaltite and cobaltite...

When used in powder form as a binder for hard metals, it is an essential element in the manufacture of super-alloys for the aeronautical sector and for the manufacture of gas turbines, cutting tools, ceramics and catalysts.

Cobalt is malleable, ductile and ferromagnetic at high temperatures, making it a key element in the production of electrical batteries, notably for the new technologies and electric vehicles market, which is enjoying significant growth