Because innovation generates the business and professions of tomorrow, we consider Research & Development to be the engine behind excellence and future success. Our engineers, our geologists and our operations teams work closely with our researchers, to innovate and develop industrial processes of use for our activities, for creating value and for optimising our investments.

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For more than 30 years, our R&D team has been supporting our activities across the value chain: extraction, hydro-metallurgy, ore processing, the environment, mineralogical analysis and characterisation… It guarantees the quality of the product, optimisation of resources, protection of the environment and satisfaction of our customers.



A world-class research centre

Managem has set up a research centre which uses cutting-edge laboratories and technologies.

We ensure that our work is carried out in compliance with the best quality, safety and environmental protection standards. Our research centre is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.

Analysis labs are accredited according to NF EN ISO/IEC 17 025 : 2017 standard,  accreditation N° 1-0789. Scope of accreditation is available on

Our R&D teams enjoy expertise in all sectors of our professions:

  • The development of processes and new technologies in ore processing, hydro-metallurgy and the creation of new products
  • Support for industry
  • Chemical and mineralogical analyses for exploration and extraction operations
  • Mineral processing techniques based on the physical separation of minerals (flotation, gravimetry, magnetic separation, densimetric separation, etc.)
  • Hydro-metallurgical techniques and processes, from solution preparation to purification and recovery


Our research centre also places its tools, its know-how and its expertise at the service of the outside customers, thereby creating value both for its customers and for Managem.

Our research work has led to more than 30 industrial processes and 12 patents filed in Morocco and internationally.


Derive value from waste

Derive value from waste

Our research work helps us derive value from our mining waste and recycle it to create alternative raw materials and clean energy. We thus set up the pyrrhotite roasting unit, a process which enables us

Open the door to other markets

autre marchés

Although R&D focuses on the optimisation of mining and industrial processes, it is increasingly opening up to other fields such as recycling and agriculture.


There are certain similarities between the recycling industry and our core business, mining, especially when it comes to the separation of metals. We are therefore working on transforming Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) into copper ingots.

Today, more and more people have access to electronic equipment (computers, printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, refrigerators, televisions, and so on). Once these devices become obsolete or reach the end of their lives, the question of recycling them arises. The PCBs inside these devices are rich in ferrous and non-ferrous precious metals, such as copper, silver, gold, tin, or palladium.

We reuse them directly in our processing plants on the Guemassa site and thus help create a circular economy.

Managem is fully conscious of agriculture-related issues and also focuses its research work on this sector. Since 2017, we have been working in partnership with the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV) on projects to synthesize and produce trace elements derived from the ores produced by Managem.

The purpose of this partnership is to study the contribution of new trace elements to a number of crops such as sugar beet, sugar cane or wheat.

The input of trace elements for ground fertilisation and for plant growth could help improve crop yield.

Inventing a lithium-ion battery

Managem recorded a major invention in the field of batteries: a lithium-ion type battery. In 2010 and in 2018, we filed two patents for this invention.
Used in mobile telephones and in personal computers, this innovation could also be adopted by the electric car industry.
Our invention offers excellent microstructure properties and better electrochemical performance than a traditional battery, in terms of safety and discharge capacity. The electrochemical performance and the safety aspect of LiCoO2 lithium oxide and cobalt are improved by supplying materials usable in the manufacture of the active cathodes of rechargeable batteries.
The originality of our invention lies in the production of a particular composition for the battery cathodes, which can operate at high voltages (4.5 V) while offering a high level of thermal stability able to meet the safety requirements of electrochemical generation for stationary and/or mobile applications.